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Well, if you enjoyed REN-SHEN Half Spirit, or you are “REN-SHEN Curious”, I am here to help you. I am reading all of my first novel on YouTube, chapter by chapter. And, at the end of each reading, I review the chapter and add some further insights and thoughts.

Nobody has ever done this before (that I know of) and I thought it would be great to share the joy of this entire experience with YOU. If you enjoy the process, please buy the book and tell your friends. I won’t stop until the movie (or TV show) is made! Here is the FIRST CHAPTER and it will flow sequentially through the entire book. Alternatively, this LINK contains the entire playlist of chapters released to date. Please SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL to stay up to date.

It all begins here!
Half Spirit Amazon Youtube

REN-SHEN Half Spirit available WORLDWIDE

Awesome news my dear friends. The first novel in the REN-SHEN series is now available on Amazon. It’s been so much fun getting to this stage. I’m totally committed to the REN-SHEN series of novels and promise to keep you entertained.

A quick Amazon search for REN-SHEN Half Spirit will find the novel. Your support is greatly appreciated!


YouTube is gonna be fun!

So I have decided to present each chapter of REN-SHEN Half Spirit as separate videos on YouTube. I think it will be a unique approach. The exciting part is that I’ll have a little time to reveal where some of the ideas and themes came from. Even though it’s a work of fiction, much of the religious and martial arts themes are based on real concepts.

… Plus I get to have a bit of fun with it all.

Stay tuned, you will be entertained!